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JKA Shotokan Karate School in Hertfordshire

Japan Karate Association

Keepers of Karate’s Highest Tradition

Kihon - Kata - Kumite

Solid training for Genuine Results


Experienced Instructors

All instructors are fully qualified and trained and tested by international representatives from the head dojo (honbu dojo) in Japan (the origin of true karate-do).

International Grades

All grades (belts) are recognised around the world and awarded by internationally recognised examiners. The grading syllabus is tough, but rewarding.

National Seminars

Every year there are numerous opportunities for karateka to train with top instructors from around the world and gain even more experience.

FAQ’s Training at Bayford Karate Club | Hertfordshire

Is karate for me?
Quite simply, yes! Karate is for everyone! Although karate is practice in a dojo with other people, your goals and grading are a personal thing. You only ever try to better yourself, so you can go as slow as you need.
Can I come occasionally?
You sure can. In fact, we often have many people come from other clubs and move here from other styles. We can help you enhance your training and give more one on one to further your technique.
Do I need Any Special Uniform or Gear?
Not to get started, just wear something non-restrictive and light. tracksuit pants (or shorts) and a T-Shirt are fine. If you are an advanced student, please bring your gi, gumshield and mits.
I have trained in a different style/Just moved to Hertfordshire
Absolutely fine, come along and join in. Come and see if you like the Shotokan way and then we can talk about options going forward. But if you want to train we will never stop you, better to be training than sitting at home!

About Sensei Dean

Sensei Dean Chilton has been training in karate for over 30 years. He has competed in numerous national competitions and international karate competitions. He has studied under top instructors from all over the world and himself is a fully qualified karate instructor certified by JKA Head Office in Japan & England with internationally recognised qualifications.

About Sensei Ohta

Our Chief Instructor is Yoshinobu Ohta, 7th Dan. Ohta Sensei is a graduate of Takushoku University and has also attended the famous Instructors Classes at JKA Headquarters in Japan. Takushoku University in Japan has a tremendous reputation as one of Japan’s strongest Karate clubs and the club coach Ishikawa Sensei encouraged Sensei Ohta to continue studying karate. Many of the JKA’s top sensei’s including Masters Nakayama and Enoeda had previously graduated from Takushoku.

Training at Bayford Karate Club Includes:

Official Shotokan Kata

Blocking Techniques

Striking/Attacking Techniques

Kicking/Knee Techniques

Where We Train

Bayford Memorial Hall

3 Ashendene Road

Hertford, SG13 8px

United Kingdom

Training Times

Monday & Thursday
Beginners 6pm-7pm
Advanced 7pm – 8pm

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Advanced Karate Training

Here at Bayford Karate we generally train from yellow belt and above. With Sensei Dean’s experiences of training with high grades from the honbu dojo in Japan, to his weekly training at the honbu dojo in the UK under the tutelage of Ohta Sensei, it means many people come for the advanced training and knowledge that he has.

Advanced Kata

We hold sessions for advanced coloured and advanced black and brown belt kata. These are for any students of appropriate grade.

Advanced Kata

Utilising combinations designed to increase ability and use of shotokan techniques for advanced students. Training the body and the mind to work in harmony.

Advanced Kumite

Advanced combinations and techniques for real world applications and competition. Using partners, strike pads, punch bags and multiple opponents.

Come and train in Shotokan Karate

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Contact us on:
07900 217 014

Dojo Address:
Bayford Village Hall
Hertfordshire SG13 8PX

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