About Bayford Karate Club

Bayford Karate Club is a New JKA England Dojo based at the Bayford Memorial Hall. Founded in May of 2016 by Sensei Dean Chilton. Sensei dean is a long time practitioner of Karate Do and has trained with many top instructors from Japan and competed and won/placed in many competitions and events throughout his career and time training.

Through teaching his own child, Dean soon realised he had a passion for not only training in Karate, but also teaching. Still highly active in training and competing, dean now also has the desire to pass on the knowledge he has gained and help mould a new generation of Karateka. Although dean has taught at other clubs by invitation for many years, having settled down to one location he is now focused on the growth of Karate Do in Bayford and Hertfordshire.

Starting on Thursday nights is the obvious choice. Dean is still training with the highest ranking instructor in the UK on other nights and brings this information directly to his own club.
Bayford Karate club is a small club with only a few students. However, this is perfect for beginners and seniors alike as Sensei Dean can give you a more one on one approach and attention to your growth as a Karateka.

The focus on training at Bayford Karate Club is improving the individual to help them reach the goals they have set. Every student is different in karate, and Sensei dean has the experience to help each student individually and as a group. His experiencing teaching at a variety of locations means he has experience with people with all different types of abilities and natural skill.

Come along to the dojo and have a chat with Sensei Dean personally and see how Karate Do is for you.

Contact us on:
07900 217 014

Dojo Address:
Bayford Village Hall
Hertfordshire SG13 8PX

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