All Ages – Family Training 8yr+

Karate for All Ages and Family Training.

We encourage families to train together at Bayford Karate Club. We take children from 8 years and above as students. As a family activity, karate can provide a feeling of togetherness while allowing each individual member of the family to progress at their own level.

Training in Karate Do as a family, mean you can have a set time every week that you spend as a family. The training is the same for all ages so the whole family is doing the same thing. You can encourage each other, help each other and also focus on your own improvement in the art of Karate Do.

Training together as a family in Karate Do will increase the entire families’ activeness and health. The great thing about karate is that this is not just a short term sport or endeavour. Karate can be done for life, which means it is an activity that your family can enjoy together and support each other in for generations keeping the whole family fit and healthy for their whole life.

Karate has great morals and values that are naturally installed into children as the training progresses. It will also help with all of the following:

  • Focus
  • Self-esteem
  • Self Confidence
  • Self-Respect
  • Learning to wait
  • Being Still
  • Controlling Anger
  • Controlling emotions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Learn to control the Body
  • Balance
  • Reactions
  • Coordination of the body

Karate will also help children with all other sports. Being a full body activity using every limb possible manoeuvring on one and in different stances, karate naturally helps with balance and coordination of all other sports.

The biggest reason to train as a family? You are here anyway! You have brought your child to training, instead of sitting on the side-lines watching. GIVE IT A GO! You will be surprised how much you love it. Many of our families in JKA start out because one sibling has asked to come, then the other will start then the parents. So Come along, join in a class and try karate for your family.

With family days, BBQ’s and club events, your family will soon be a part of the Bayford Karate Family. Give Sensei Dean a call and go from there.

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