The Grading Process

As you train more and more you will naturally move through the different levels of Karateka. We do not teach you to grade, we teach you karate do. As a consequence of that training you will gain the skills to demonstrate your ability to a grading examiner and progress through the ranks of Karate Do.

Currently the colour system is broken into Kyu (meaning grade or level) and Dan (meaning Stage or level and pronounced daan). Kyu is used to denote junior grades and Dan is used for the stages of Black Belt. So a 9th Kyu is a level 9 karateka and a 4th Dan is a 4th Stage Black Belt karateka.

Each of the Kyu has a corresponding colour.

They are as follows:

  • 10th Kyu – White belt (Technically everyone is this who is ungraded)
  • 9th Kyu – Orange belt
  • 8th Kyu – Red Belt
  • 7th Kyu – Yellow Belt
  • 6th Kyu – Green Belt
  • 5th Kyu – Purple Belt
  • 4th Kyu – Purple Belt with a white stripe
  • 3rd Kyu – Brown Belt
  • 2nd Kyu – Brown Belt with a white stripe
  • 1st Kyu – Brown Belt with 2 white stripes

From here you will try for the coveted Black Belt of karate and then progress through the stages of Back Belt known as Dan Grades. From 1st Dan to 10th Dan (though 10th Dan has not been seen for many, many years) – You do not change your belt colour, all Dan grades are black belt.

All Grade Recognised Internationally

All of your grading’s will be performed by a fully qualified and trained representative of the Japan Karate Association. Which means your grades are full recognised around the world and your JKA passport will enable you to train in ANY JKA dojo around the world at your current rank.

The level you pass is the same as those who grade in Japan themselves so your standard of Karate can be held in the highest of esteem. Grading under the JKAE is known to be of the toughest standards and your training at Bayford Karate club will get you to that level.

Come on down and start the process, join in a class and take your first steps starting with your 9th kyu.

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