What Do I need to bring or Wear for Karate?

The Gi or Dogi – Traditional Karate Uniform.

Traditionally in Karate we train in a dogi or gi as it is more commonly known. This is a tradition white uniform used in the practice of karate. It is white to represent the purity of the art. Traditional karate do will have no other colour on the dogi as it should only be about purity of mind and training. One of the beautiful parts of karate is the equalisation of all students. Once you enter the dojo in a dogi you are equal to everyone else. All outside influences or positions are left outside and we are together training and studying the art of karate do. There is nothing else in the dojo except for the desire to learn karate and improve yourself. We are all simply Karateka.

For A Beginner

For the first few sessions you DO NOT need to have a gi. Tracksuit pants (or shorts) and a t-shirt will be fine. We suggest this while you are trying out karate. Once you are hooked, you can then purchase a dogi from the instructor or one of the many online martial arts stores. Please ask the instructor first, he knows the good quality gi shops and the places to avoid.

Higher grades and Senior Students should also bring

  • Gum Shield
  • Mitts
  • Box (this one is important, even if you think it isn’t – otherwise you could end up with a kiwi karateka laughing hysterically at you because of irony.)

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