Who is JKA England (The Japan Karate Association of England)?

JKAE (JKA England), as the name would suggest, is the official representative and body of the JKA (Japan Karate Association) in England.

JKA has been in England since being brought to the country by Shihan Enoeda Keinosuke in 1965 during the period of JKA’s policy of sending senior instructors abroad to introduce Karate do into a country.

The first JKA dojo was in Liverpool and there has been an official representative of JKA ever since. After the death of Shihan Enoeda on the 29th March 2003, the official body of the JKA England was formed to continue his work and carry on the principals of the JKA in England.

Now the Association is headed by Shihan Ohta Yoshinobu – 7th Dan (7th Degree Black Belt) a graduate of the Takushoku University and attended the JKA instructor’s classes at the JKA honbu dojo in Tokyo. He was the official assistant to Shihan Enoeda Keinosuke and was the natural choice for the continuation of JKA in England.

The JKAE now have clubs all over England and Wales. They send high ranking qualified (recognised in japan) instructors for special training and grading sessions at all dojo’s (clubs) in the association. They provide training courses and camps that ALL members of Bayford Karate Club are welcome to attend and competitions throughout the year to help you practice what you learn in the dojo.

JKA England are actively involved in the enhancement and growth of Shotokan karate in England and wales and many opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and ability in the art of Karate Do.

Any and all instructors, including Sensei Dean Chilton, are fully qualified, vetted, trained and approved by the JKA England on behalf of the Japan Karate Association. So you are getting the very best training the world has to offer right here in Bayford.

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